Atrial Flutter

The results are in from the stress test.  Ed’s heart looks good.  There is a slight leakage at the top of the heart but that’s not a big deal.  Woo-hoo!!!

The results are in from the heart monitor that Ed wore for 24 hours.  Ok, that’s not so good but it’s not bad either.  Ed has had a slight heart flutter for years; we knew that.  Now, however, it seems that his heart is in Atrial Flutter almost constantly.  What does that mean?  For Ed, it means that 56% of the time, his heart rate is 60 beats/minute or less.  Yeah, that’s slow!  What’s worse is that sometimes there are pauses of up to 2.8 seconds between beats.   Ouch!  Yeah, we probably need to fix that, don’t ya think?  But how?

Well, we really had 2 things to think about.

  1. The doctor could externally shock his heart and that would indeed stop the flutter but it could come back.  The doctor couldn’t say how long it would take to return though.  Minutes?  Hours? Days?  Who knows!
  2. A special doctor could go up thru the groin and “fix” it.  How he does that, I don’t know but it is called ablation, if you want to look to up.  Dr. Naseem in Denton would be Dr. Kruger’s first choice for that procedure.  Yeah, it’s invasive but very safe and the results are usually very good.  It shouldn’t come back.  That’s a plus.

Ok, option 2 sounds like the best one in the long-term. 

I told you this might be a multi-step procedure to get Ed in shape for our river barge trip later this year and that’s exactly what it is turning out to be.  We got the carotid artery fixed which helped his brain function.  We got his list of medications sorted out and that has definitely helped his dizziness issue.  Now if we can get the atrial flutter stopped, maybe that will help with his shortness of breath and lack of energy. 

So we get this fixed but then what?  It depends upon what symptoms are remaining after the surgery.  We could be looking at a Pacemaker if the heartbeat is still irregular and Ed still has health issues.  We just won’t know until we get the atrial flutter stopped.  The cardiologist’s office will be setting up an appointment with Dr. Naseem in the morning so we will have a better idea of a time frame then.  Again, we are at a waiting stage but the waiting is getting just a little easier, I think.

Oh, and the really good news is that Dr. Kruger said there MAY be a minor bit of coronary disease but not enough to worry about.  Woo-hoo!!!

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  1. Thanks for the update on Ed. This is REALLY GOOD NEWS!! 🙂