Health and Welfare Update

I’m officially po’ed!  The surgery that Ed and I had been looking forward to was scheduled for tomorrow.  They called today just before 5 pm and cancelled it.  There are no beds available at Presbyterian tomorrow and they just refuse to prop Ed up against the wall somewhere for the night.  So much for trying to fix the atrial flutter tomorrow.

They have scheduled it for June 8th but if someone cancels a procedure between now and then, they’ll let him know.  I have visions of getting a wake-up call at 6 am one morning asking us to get to the hospital as soon as we can.  I’m sure that won’t happen … maybe.  I would hope they would give us notice at least the day before but who knows in this crazy world we live in? 

Speaking of this crazy world, who could imagine that we would have so many tornadoes, deaths, and losses this year?  We even had a tornado plow through the Country Lakes subdivision, just right across the street from us, hopping across neighborhoods from the southwest corner, to tear through blocks in the northeast corner of the subdivision … right across the road from us.  I haven’t heard anything about injuries so I don’t believe there were many reported, thankfully.  I drove through it today about noon and people were everywhere, getting roofs patched, rebuilding wooden fences, and checking on neighbors.  Emergency vehicles, trucks, vans, and people crowded the streets but nothing, thankfully, approaching anything like Joplin, MO. 

Our tall trees behind our house looked like they were bent double at times but I saw nothing break and no damage at all.  We were lucky, I think, because we are totally surrounded by trees, which cut the strength of the wind on the house and our many windows.  But I must tell you that we are seriously considering an underground tornado shelter!  That’s great for us and the dogs but I may have a little difficulty talking Ed into a safe room for the goats.


One response to “Health and Welfare Update

  1. I remember when we built this house in 1984 we really wanted one built UNDERGROUND, but it was far to expensive. Since then, many times we have considered an underground shelter…I think now is the time…our luck might run out!