Ed is now in surgery

It has been a LONG morning.  I know you think you’ve been waiting forever but Ed and I’ve been waiting longer, believe me!!! 

At 8:15, they took me back to the cath lab to sit with Ed.  Nurse Andrew walked me back and kept razzing me to carry one of my bags but I kept saying no.  It really wasn’t a big deal.  I had my purse, my briefcase with my laptop, and Ed’s bag of clothes, that’s it.  When we got to Ed’s cubby, I got him back though.  I looked at Ed, looked at Andrew, and asked “Who’s this?” with a concerned look on my face.  I couldn’t hold it though and I started to grin.  Nurse Gwen started to laugh, stuttering “That was PERFECT!  You should’ve seen the look on Andrew’s face!”   Gotcha, Andrew!

They had done an EKG and all looked good but Ed’s Cumadin level was 1.5 and they really would’ve preferred it at 2.0.  They decided to do something called a TEE, kind of like a sonogram on the heart but with a scope down his windpipe so they could get a real good look for blood clots. 

At 9:00, they started to prep for the TEE, which they started about 9:45.  They were done technically by 10:00, but they had to wait a bit for him to wake up.  The anesthesiologist had only given him a short-acting dose so it didn’t take all that long.  Meanwhile, I talked with Dr. Naceem about the results.  There are no blood clots in the heart so the surgery can indeed go ahead.

By 10:30, Ed was awake and alert but still dozing off and on.  Now we had to wait for the doctor to finish a procedure on someone else.  He hoped to be done by 11:00 but it took a little longer.  Around 11:30, Nurse Rodney unhooked Ed from everything he was plugged into and started down the hall.  Unfortunately, he stopped to talk to someone in the hall and that gave the doctor time to request some time for a quick-lunch before starting on Ed’s approximately 2-hour surgery.  Tick-tock.

They finally took Ed back to surgery at 11:55 and I RAN to the cafeteria for lunch.  Sorry, I had to eat before I could start writing.  You know, that empty stomach really messes with the brain synapses.  Now it is … tick-tock … waiting time yet again.  The good thing is that Ed will be sleeping through most of it and he was really starting to get tired. 

I’m back in the cath lab now and I’m seriously thinking of taking a nap.  My phone is on but reception isn’t great.  I’ll write more later but I don’t expect to know anything definitive until about 2:00-2:30.

More later…


3 responses to “Ed is now in surgery

  1. My gosh!!!! Do you need me to bring you anything? A blanket? A cot? A masseuse??

    Love you both!

  2. Helen Murphy

    Hope all goes well. My prayers are with you. Helen x

  3. I’m going to make a suggestion that the hospital add a massage therapist in the surgery waiting room. You know, the chair you sit backwards in and they massage the hell out of your shoulders? I’ve seen quite a few uptight people who could’ve used that! Me too, come to think of it, since I missed my massage with Linda today! Thanks, Kim. I’m fine and ready for Ed to be in a room.