First Update on Ed

Well, yes, it was a very early morning today.  Ed was so excited to get here that he was dressed and ready to go by 6:05.  I was still putzing around but we were still at the registration desk at Presbyterian by 6:20, 10 minutes early!  He was actually the first patient in pre-op and, man, was it quiet in there! 

By 6:50, he was in pre-op in the gown, all tucked-in, waiting for the next phase.  They’d already taken blood, put in the IV for the saline solution, and done the shaving.  By 7:15, he was bored waiting….. tick-tock

A male nurse came and collected him about 7:35 and sent me to the waiting room.  That was just fine since they were taking him to the cath lab.  I’m not too sure what they are doing on him right now but I don’t think I need to know what they do in the cath lab!  They will come get me when they are done and we will wait … again … to talk to the doctor before surgery.

The best part?  Ed is in a great mood and ready to get back to good health.  Yeah.

More later.  So far, so good.


2 responses to “First Update on Ed

  1. Thanks for the update – waiting to hear more.

  2. Thanks for update…will check on you from time to time throughout the day. Love to you both.