People Stories 1

Now that surgery is over and I have time and energy to sit and reflect on all of the people we have met today, I wanted to relate some of the funny and/or interesting people stories.

This morning, when Nurse Andrew came to take me back to the cath lab, he asked if he could carry anything for me.  I’m so used to traveling and being extremely independent that I just automatically responded negatively.  As we started walking, he asked again.  “No, I’m fine.”  Actually, I was balanced.  I had my purse across my body, as I usually carry it.  I had my briefcase on my left shoulder and Ed’s overnight bag on my right shoulder.  I was indeed balanced. 

Andrew all but begged me to give him one bag, pleading with me because when we walked into the cath lab, everyone would tease him that he just sauntered along and made me tote all the bags.  As a female nurse rounded the corner and started toward us, he loudly proclaimed that even she would give him a hard time … and she immediately agreed … and did!  Nope, I carried my own bags.  As people I have worked with can attest, I’m stubborn that way, yet this became almost a contest of wills.  lol

I got him back however, when I rounded the corner and saw Ed waiting for me.  Straight-faced, I looked at Andrew and asked who this man was.  Nurse Gwen, standing behind the counter, broke up laughing.  “That was PERFECT!!!”  Looking at me, “You shoulda seen his face!  OMG!” 

From that point on, the staff and I got along just fine.  They were all personable and funny.  Nurse Gwen kept a close eye on Ed for me.  She actually spent time just talking with us both and enjoying our company.  She had a great ability to pay attention to us and STILL respond to other staff members and keep things rolling with the other patients.  I was impressed!

Nurse Gwen had a different approach to carrying bags.  After lunch, I met her in the Surgery Waiting Room and she escorted me back to the cath lab.  She didn’t ask.  She just picked one bag up, started walking, and then refused to give it back.  You just can’t fight someone in a hospital for carrying your bag for you, so she won that time.



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