Surgery is over …

… and everything went just fine.  In fact, they said Ed was a good boy.  Of course, most of them were women, so I made sure that he didn’t flirt too much!

Dr. Naceem told me that they fixed the atrial flutter but he may still have a little bit of atrial fibrillation to contend with later; time will tell.  He wants Ed to get over the surgery and THEN we will see what remains.  Tick-tock, yet again, but we’re one step closer.

Ed is now in recovery and around 3:30, they will move him to a room.  Meanwhile, I’m in the surgery waiting room having a cup of coffee and some almonds.  Add the power nap I took while waiting in the cath lab and I’m now in good shape.


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  2. Good news, thanks for the update. Will talk to you later. Love to you both!!!!!