Still here … and then not

1:00 pm: Yes, we’re still in the hospital waiting to see the doctor.  Thankfully, I brought Ed his iPad so he could read email (my previous posts, of course!) and his normal web sites.  Add the TV, time for lunch, various tech and nurse visits to check vitals, and just talking, it’s been kinda busy this morning.

The dietician just stopped by to discuss his diet.  DIET???  Oh, my!  Just saying that word makes him frown but it’s really not that bad.  Since he is taking Cumadin, there are certain things he shouldn’t be consuming.  His vitamin K level should be kept consistent.  That means the amount of foods like spinach, which he likes, and other green leafy plants, should be the same every day.  He needs to stay away from fish oil pills, which he does take, since that tends to thin the blood also.  In fact, anything that tends to thin or clot the blood should be restricted.  So should we make a special list of all the different things he shouldn’t consume and post it on the refrigerator now???

The funny thing is that, when you read the instruction sheet that the dietician left, it tells you what to avoid and, in the following sentence, it almost convinces you why you shouldn’t care; e.g. in 5 studies, there was one person who had a bad reaction to the combination of Cumadin and eating cranberries.  One person???  And that person had to eat 3 cups of cranberries a day to have that reaction???  Just another “Whatever” moment.

9:00 pm:  We made it!  We’re finally got home a little after 7 :00 tonight. 

They tested Ed’s Cumadin level before they would send him home.  They just didn’t like the 1.3 level and needed it to be closer to 2.2 so that blood clots couldn’t form.  They gave him a shot of a heavy-duty blood thinner, showed him how to give himself the same shot at home, and gave him a prescription for 3 days of morning and night shots.  He’ll go back to Dr. Naceem’s office on Monday to have the Cumadin level checked again.  Assuming that it is up near the 2.0 – 2.2 level, he’ll stop the shots.  The Cumadin has to have time to build up in his system and they had him stop taking it last Saturday in preparation for the surgery.

Dr. Naceem didn’t get to Ed’s room until about 5:30, after office hours, and they couldn’t start the final paperwork until the surgeon gave his final instructions.  It just took a while to get that done but it’s good to be home.

One last funny story:  Ed decided to get up and start getting dressed.  I started moving the dinner tray/bedside table away from the bed but didn’t realize there was a trick to getting it around the  bed legs.  Yeah, I pulled and, clank, came up short.  Stop, readjust and try again. 

Meanwhile, Ed started making odd sounds, signaling that he was about to sneeze.  Now, if you’ve never heard sneeze, that means you still have all of your hearing.  The term “sonic boom” describes, I think, Ed’s sneezes when he’s not trying to hold it in.  It is somewhat of a family joke that, if you are trapped in a car when he sneezes, quickly open a window! 

Anyway, he started getting up and suddenly there were two male nurses standing at his door, staring at us.  “What was that???”  I was just as stunned, thinking “What was what???”  Yes, I live with that sneeze and it’s not a big deal anymore.  “Oh, that was just a sneeze.”  They just shook their heads and walked off. 

When we talked with our male nurse, Aric, he explained that usually when he hears a loud “thunk” and then what he thought was a yell, it usually means that someone has fallen and hit their head somewhere.  That means the nurses are obligated to get them a catscan and watch them for hours, making sure there is no long-lasting head trauma.  They obviously were not prepared for a visit by Ed and Kay.  Yep, it took both of us to scare the staff. 

“That was just a sneeze” made me giggle every so often for an hour!  Yeah, that was some sneeze!  If our nurse thought it was loud down at the nurse’s station, they should’ve heard it in the same small hospital room!!!  LOL

It’s so good to be back home!


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  1. Thank you for the update – and for some very interesting stories – LOL. Glad you are both home.

    Love you both!