Stormy Weather

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Around 2:30 am, I awoke to such a clatter and what did I see but a dark shadow by the window.  A big head, wider at the top than the bottom.  OMG!  Why aren’t the dogs barking?  The noise was so loud that I couldn’t hear myself think, much less hear a voice.  Yet I could hear voices muttering.  I couldn’t distinguish what they were saying though.  They seemed to be garbled and WHERE WERE THOSE DRUMS COMING FROM!!!

Wait a minute.  A burst of light lit up the room.  Geez, it was just Ed standing by the window, watching hail pelt the trees in our bedroom garden.  He was listening to a local TV channel using his headphones and keeping his eye on the radar.  I really must’ve been jolted awake from an odd dream, which, of course, I don’t remember.  Aliens?  War of the worlds?

In reality, we were in the middle of a thunderstorm, with the emphasis on thunder and hail.  It sounded, and looked, like someone was dumping a bucket of ice on top of the house, all at once.  I’ve never seen or heard hail quite like it.  The thunder was also relentless and it lasted much longer than the hail.  Have you ever heard when someone shakes a large piece of sheet metal?  It’s not a boom but a boing that just keeps echoing?  That was what the thunder sounded like.  I now know what Rolling Thunder really means.

SoLow and I jumped off of the bed to check everything out but, as we got close to Ed, he warded us off in a loud voice.  It’s difficult to estimate how loudly you are talking when you have headphones on.  There was water coming in under the garden door and he just didn’t want us to slip on it.  I grabbed SoLow and she hid in my arms until I took her back to bed, where she shivered for the next 30 minutes.  Yes, Daddy scared her but I think all of the noise scared her as well.

Then everything went dark.  Pitch black.  Vision, except during occasional flashes of lightning, was gone.  So much for watching the radar.

At 9 am, we still had no power.  No hot water.  No clocks.  No air conditioning.  Can’t open the garage door.  There were still clumps of hail all around the house.  Leaves and small branches covered the driveway and sidewalk.  It’s peaceful though, listening to the birds sing outside, but I wonder why there are so many helicopters and small planes flying around?

No a/c???  No fans???  It was fine right then but I decided that if the electricity didn’t come on fairly soon, maybe today would be a good day to go to a movie.  No wi-fi???  Today would definitely be a good day to go somewhere — anywhere!  As it turned out, we got the power back about 10:30, before it really started to get hot.

Overall, we did okay on damage.  There were two windows down at the apartment at the Meadows Building that were broken and will need to be replaced.  The front of the building and the awnings over the front windows really took a beating, knocking paint off.  Two trees at Nonnie’s house lost large top limbs.  Unfortunately, one of the limbs fell across the power line to the house and took it down to the ground.  It didn’t cut the power though.  The air conditioners were all running just fine.  That was the extent of the damage, nothing that we can’t handle.


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