Dave and The Pour House

What a blast!  One of the guys I went to high school with is a performer here in the D/FW area and I heard that he was performing at a local sports bar, The Pour House, in Denton.  I looked him up on Facebook, which led me to his website, and listened to a bit of his music and decided that we just had to go see him.  Now, we are really not night owls anymore, so, after learning that he was to play between 6 and 10 pm, I was absolutely thrilled.

As yesterday progressed, I was more and more disinclined to go outside in the heat, even for good music and an old classmate.  By 7, I just wasn’t thrilled at all, yet I had said nothing to Ed.  He just assumed that I still wanted to go and when he got up to go get ready, I forced myself to follow him.  By the time we left, it was late, almost 9 pm … and still hot … and I was tired, but I really wanted to go and I knew that if I didn’t get out the door, I would disappoint both Ed and myself.  I made a wise decision.  Dave was fantastic and I was SO pumped by the time we got home!!!

We had eaten earlier so we didn’t eat dinner at The Pour House but I’m looking forward to going back and having dinner.  Because we weren’t eating, we sat at the bar so we could be close to Dave.  I wanted to listen AND watch.  I couldn’t believe how crowded the place was, from college students to retirees!  Lots of people were eating and the bar was full.  We talked with the bartenders as they worked and found that this was actually a slow night.  A SLOW night???  Apparently, since they brought in Dave, their business has increased on the nights that he is there.  I think we need to go earlier next time!!!

Dave performs a mix of country, old rock & roll, blues, and some of his own original songs.  I loved Mustang Sally because he got the audience involved in singing part of it.  I don’t remember ever hearing Can’t Drink All Day (If You Don’t Start In The Morning) so I assume it is one of his and I thoroughly enjoyed that one also.  I included one partial video for your enjoyment. You might also check out Wal-Martian on YouTube.  Yes, it’s his song and it is SO true!!!

While I was listening to the music and watching Dave, Ed’s eyes were on the floor show.  There was a group of women standing and sitting at the bar in-between us and Dave and were they ever having fun.  It must’ve been Girls’ Night Out for a group of friends and they were talking, drinking, and dancing to their hearts’ content.  One of them accidentally ended up on her butt on the floor and I saw later that the floor was wet.  Now, whether she fell because of the liquid or she spilled her drink when she fell, I have no clue.  You can draw your own conclusion!  Ed was enjoying the music but you could tell that watching these women was a new experience for him.  He had a blast!

I’m going to practice some of the songs that I heard him do and the next time we go in, I’m going to sing backup for him.  Yes, The Pour House on some Thursday nights from 6 to 10 pm is going to be one of my favorite dinner spots.  If you’re in the area, stop by and check it out.  I’m not sure about the food yet but the entertainment is fun, even the floor show!


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