Hot and Sweaty

I’m hot.  I’m sweaty.  I’m breathing heavy.  My muscles are limp.  I’m just lying on the couch, so exhausted that I don’t even want to snuggle with SoLow.  And it has nothing to do with the weather!  Yeah, I just got off of the treadmill.

Not only that, I spent the entire 20 minutes on the treadmill breathing in for 6 steps, holding it for 6 steps, and then breathing out for 6 steps.  Yes, I’m multi-tasking.  My singing teacher Phil said that if I wanted to expand my lung capacity for singing longer phrases, I needed to do some deep breathing.  I’ve been putting it off because I don’t walk anywhere far enough to do much good.  I kept telling myself that I would do it when I got the treadmill set back up.  Yeah, right.  That was yesterday.  (sigh)  I now have no excuses.  This is my second day of exercising my body and my lungs.  Gee, thanks, Phil!

And, no, I didn’t miss the Texas Ranger game either.  (smile)  There is still a television in the old sewing room so the time actually went by quickly.  The only problem I had was yawning.  I’ve heard that yawning helps get oxygen to your muscles or your brain or something, so maybe my muscles are just craving oxygen?  Or could it be that by exercising my lungs, they crave more and more oxygen?

I don’t know and, after looking it up, I don’t think anyone knows exactly why we yawn.  They don’t know why it’s contagious either but most of us will yawn if someone else yawns first.  Did you know that if one shark yawns, the entire group of sharks start yawning.  I never thought of sharks yawning.  And all mammals yawn except for giraffes.  Can you imagine a giraffe yawning, with that L O N G neck???  It’s funny enough watching SoLow yawn!  Gee, I wish I had a picture of SoLow yawning.  Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, I’m finally cool again, the sweat has dried, I am breathing easier, SoLow is asleep on my feet, and the Rangers won.  Now it’s time to watch the news and then a shower.  What a great day!


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