The roar of the ocean.  The breeze.  The cold drinks.  The fun of being with friends.  These are all things that I am enjoying this week. 

We just got back inside from spending the day out under a canopy, reading, watching the surf and kids play, and chit-chatting.  Occasionally we would go get in the water and then dry off in the breeze.  I am starting to agree with my son-in-law Bobby.  Bed  – to porch  – to beach and ocean  – to porch  – back to bed.  I think that’s going to be my agenda for most of this week.  I did go out about 7 this morning and walk with Bobby and their dog Sophi down the beach.  It was fabulous!

I had totally forgotten how salty the water actually was in the ocean.  Ed was a little nervous that I strayed so far out but I only went as far as I could walk so it was never over my head.

I’m not a beach person actually but I am thoroughly enjoying the peace.  Usually my vacations have been to places where I would learn about the history of the place.  Then I would drive around the area, taking pictures of interesting locations and events.  Here, I am under no pressure to go “see” anything.  All of us can use the time here as we see fit and are under no obligations to do anything we don’t want to do.  With the peace, the surf, the huge house where you could almost get lost, I don’t think I would need a massage therapist at all! 

I’m sitting here now, looking out at the porch and the ocean, and the weathered-wood rocking chairs are gently rocking in the breeze.  Is it really the breeze or is it the ghosts of past renters wishing they were back here enjoying their vacation again?  Or could it be that the chairs are lonely and wanting my attention?  “Come join us outside and relax.”  I think I just might make myself a drink and help them rock a little more. 


2 responses to “Rocking

  1. The ocean – my favorite place in the word – I love the peace – the mystery- the solitude! I cannot be there you but I can close my eye and feel it. Thank you for bringing it to me.

    • Jenn, I’ll be thinking of you and Roger tomorrow and the day after. Love you both and miss you both terribly! We look forward to going out to dinner with you soon.