At the Beach

It was an overcast day today, mid-eighties and humid.  I don’t care what they say about humidity, this was MUCH better than 106 degrees back at home!  Lying on the beach, the strong breeze kept us cool and comfortable.

Today was the only day when we had something planned.  We had family pictures taken by a professional photographer, right at sunset.  Garbed in tan/khaki shorts and white shirts, we looked like a troop of school kids gathering on the beach and, sometimes, we even acted that way!  We had such fun.

We laughed and posed with Sophi at the beach by the house and then went to the beach near the Folly Beach Lighthouse.  By then, of course, all of the carefully combed long hair was totally windblown and messy.  Half of us were barefoot with sandy feet.

We sat on the sand, kneeled in the sand, sat on huge rocks, and even stood with our backs to the camera, facing the lighthouse in the distance.  We had all-girl shots, couples, parents and kids, and even current and ex-wives together.  What a blast!

This is a vacation to remember and we will be doing it again.


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