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Yesterday, Donni’s friends drove down to visit.  Ellen and Anne have been a blast to be around!  I look forward to seeing them again in the future.  I do hope they come to Texas to visit sometime soon.

We spent a long time sitting on the second floor porch and talking.  The most fun was watching Sophi watching the seagulls vying for the Frito chips that Kim was tossing their way.  Sophi was So intent on those gulls!

Last night, Bobby and Curtis grilled outside and Donni and Kim cooked beans and rice inside.  We all stuffed ourselves with wonderful food, talked a lot and laughed even more, especially after dinner!  I have decided that I really need to hire Bobby to come cook for us at home.  On the other hand, if we did, I think I would weigh a ton because I would be constantly eating!  He really is King of the Grill!!!

Today, Ed wanted to go to Fort Sumter.  I mean, really, you can’t get this close to where the Civil War started and NOT go, right???  And we almost made it, too.  We had a late, early afternoon start and got to Patriot Point around 2 pm.  The last ferry to Fort Sumter left at 1:30.  Oh well, that just gives us something to do tomorrow.

Lee, Ed and I took a tour of the USS Yorktown and saw way too many planes to count.  There were planes in the hanger bay and jets on the flight deck.  They had a similar plane to what was flown in the Doolittle Raid and had surprisingly good hot dogs and Polish sausage at the snack bar in the hanger bay.  Of course, my favorite stop was the gift shop and I got a little stuff bear with “South Carolina” on its chest, to add to my state bear collection at home.  I hope to have bears from all 50 states at some point.

Tonight, we are really enjoying the ocean view from the house and I’m looking forward to getting to bed.  It’s been a LONG, but FUN, day!




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