Fort Sumter … finally!

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Friday, we again started out to see Fort Sumter but first, it was breakfast time.  IHOP serves breakfast all day so that’s where we went.  I must praise Ed’s son Lee Scott.  He is so sweet.  I was just amazed at how many doors he opened for people and how many times he stood and offered his seat to others … not just women, but people with walking canes, older people, men who let their female companions take the one remaining seat available.  And he talked with everyone he met, smiling and bantering with those who responded to him … not being the sometimes typical tired tourist that so many other can be.  He is so sweet and I was very proud of him.

We arrived at the downtown Charleston parking lot exactly 5 minutes before the ferry left the dock.  Well, crap!  No time to park and walk the block to get there so we drove around Charleston and admired the beautiful homes and wonderful old buildings. 

We decided to go back to Patriots Point and catch that ferry instead and that gave Lee Scott additional time to sweet-talk the Yorktown attendant who was very nice to us on Thursday.  Ed and I sat in chairs on the deck but Lee just couldn’t stay still.  He’d never been on a ferry so he wandered around and ended up standing at the front of the boat, where he watched the islands we passed, the speed boats that crossed our bow, and 5 dolphins playing not far from the ferry.

We didn’t have a lot of time to roam around Fort Sumter but it was enough time for us.  We saw the cannons, the flags flying over the fort, and the flags flown over Fort Sumter during the Civil War.  Interesting to note, the first flag flown by the Confederacy, replacing the Stars and Bars flag of the United States, was a single star beside a palm tree, called the Palmetto Flag.

Lee had said on Thursday that he loved going places with Ed because Ed always read everything and he would explain it to Lee later, yet on Friday, Ed and Lee both spent a long time reading the plaques at Fort Sumter.  I’m sure that Ed discussed what they were reading at the time but, knowing that we had limited time, I was trying to see everything … so that I could get to the gift shop!  No, that didn’t happen.  We looked through the Fort Sumter Museum and I had to drag them out of there when we had about 10 minutes to re-board the ferry!  And yes, they both thoroughly enjoyed their time on the island.

It was a tiring trip for Ed though.  When we got back on the ferry, I took him to the downstairs level to sit in the air conditioning.  We both needed the cool air but Lee couldn’t stand sitting down so he, again, spent most of the trip back standing outside watching for more dolphins and enjoying the ride.

By then, it was past time for lunch!  Charleston Market, here we come!!!  Even though we all started wandering the market, Ed soon headed for Bubba Gump and a cold drink.  Lee and I enjoyed the rest of the market and bought lots of things and eventually joined Ed for lunch/dinner and, after a burger for Lee and crab legs for Ed and me (a first for us!), we headed home.  In looking at the pictures, it doesn’t look as if I like it too much and, to be honest, it’s just too much work for the amount of food I got! 

It really didn’t take that long for all of us to then head to bed.  It had been a long, tiring, and great day of sightseeing.


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