Home again, Home again

After a grueling 2-day drive, we are home again.  We beat Tropical Storm Lee during our drive and the only rain we saw was in Louisiana.  We did get some drizzle in Mississippi and Louisiana but it wasn’t bad.

We toured historic downtown Vicksburg on Sunday around noon and that probably wasn’t the best time to do that.  Downtown was deserted for the most part.  The showboat casino was pretty hopping but we were going more for history than glitz.  I was a little disappointed that Vicksburg didn’t have a downtown fair or festival for the holiday, but I guess Labor Day was not the right holiday for that.

As we got closer to home, you would’ve had a chuckle at our conversation…

“No, SoLow, they haven’t left us forever.  They will come back eventually.”

“But, Sam, I miss our bed in the house!  I miss snuggling up on the chair in the living room!  I miss Dad’s toe-rubs!  I want them to come home NOW!!!”

“Hey, knock it off!  I miss it too but that girl Amanda keeps feeding us and we have each other to play with.  We’re good!”

“Sigh.  (Head plopped down on her paws.) Grumble, grumble, grumble.”

You know we miss them when we start talking for them!

When we turned onto I-35 in Fort Worth, we started marking landmarks.  Downtown Fort Worth.  Loop 820.  Denton County line.  Argyle Town Limits.  Crawford Road Exit.  Our driveway!

“I hear something, Sam.”

“Shut up and go back to sleep, SoLow!  It’s after dark and you KNOW they hate driving after dark.”

“Ooh, ooh, I see headlights!   Bark, bark, bark!”

“Hmmm, I hear something  too!  Bark, bark, bark!”

After I turned on ALL of the outside lights, Ed walked out the patio door, stood outside their fence and talked to them, successfully diverting their attention so I could walk out the back door into their yard.  Yes, you learn to greet the dogs outside after you’ve been gone for a while so they do NOT pee on the carpet!

Yes, it was good to get home!  We got to sleep in our own bed, SoLow got her toe-rub from Ed, and she got to snuggle with me before going to sleep.  Sam got some well-deserved peace and quiet and, I’m sure, a sound sleep on the carpet by the bed … without SoLow bugging her!

Monday, we were all pretty wiped out.  It’s going to be a LONG time before we attempt 9-hour drive-time trips!


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