I Wish I Had a Picture of That

Sam and SoLow spend most of their days either sleeping or playing.  Sometimes they come to us for petting but usually they just like to play and sleep. 

It’s easy to see when Sam wants to play with SoLow.  She will walk up to SoLow and crouch, as if she’s going to jump on her.  If SoLow doesn’t respond, Sam will stand up and swat her with her right paw a few times on the shoulder.  That always gets SoLow charging toward Sam and off they go.

Now, if SoLow wants to play, usually she will just dance around, back and forth, and act like she’s going to take off running.  That usually gets Sam dancing and running with SoLow through the house.  SoLow takes advantage of it by trying to bite Sam’s ankles as she runs and sometimes they both go tumbling and sliding on the tile floor.  Rarely does SoLow ever actually catch Sam’s ankle but I have seen it happen.  What a hoot to watch.

But for the first time, today I saw SoLow sit up on her butt, balanced by her tail, little paws sticking straight out, nosing Sam in the face.  And Sam was just standing there and taking it!  The funny thing is that SoLow is a dachshund and Sam is a Sheltie.  SoLow HAS to sit that way for her face to be at the same level as Sam’s.  It would’ve done no good for me to take a picture because SoLow was sitting at my feet but I so wish Ed had been holding a camera right at that moment.

Why is it that when something funny … or interesting … or memorable happens, we never seem to have a camera in hand?  And that moment is gone before we have time to capture it.  Thankfully, I will always have the memories of Sam and SoLow playing and I hope to have Sam and SoLow to watch for years to come.  Can you tell?  I missed my dogs while I was on vacation!


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