A Whirlwind Week!

This week has been a whirlwind of activity! 

Ed had difficulty getting a contact out of his left eye early this week and irritated the eye.  We went to Dallas to his optometrist on Wednesday.  Somehow he scratched his cornea so now he has antibiotic eye drops. 

Yesterday, Ed had an appointment with Dr. Naceem to discuss the results of the stress test last week.  The doctor recommended a pacemaker.  We could’ve tried a surgery to get rid of the atrial fibrillation however, if it didn’t work, we would be back to having a pacemaker.  Later, Dr. Naceem said that he didn’t think Ed had a-fib at all; Ed’s heart just worked that way.  On a brighter note, Dr. Naceem said that Ed had the body of a 65 year old.  I guess all that weight-lifting has paid off!

Knowing that we are soon to go on vacation, Dr. Naceem wanted to get the surgery over with quickly so that he would have lots of time to monitor Ed before we left and he felt it would be much better for Ed to go on vacation with a pacemaker.  The surgery occurred around noon today.  Is that quick enough for you, Doc???

I left Ed about 6:30 tonight and he was feeling great.  He ate a late lunch today and was eating dinner when I left.  His heart rate is now strong and steady.  What a great sound to hear!  He is still on bed rest until tomorrow so we don’t know yet if he has more energy or if he will get out of breath when he walks but the doctor assures us that he will feel so much better and will do fine with all the walking on our trip.  Woo-hoo!!!

I will bring Ed home tomorrow.  He can’t life anything heavy for a month.  In fact, he can’t even lift his left arm over shoulder height for a month.  And they don’t want him to drive for a month.  Not that he couldn’t drive, of course.  He could drive just fine but if he jerked the wheel to avoid a collision or something, he could tear loose the wires they screwed into his heart and that would mean surgery to fix them. 

What that means I that I will be doing all the driving for the next 2 weeks, I will be lifting all of the luggage on our trip, and he will have to call me to lift groceries and laundry the next 2 weeks.  Geez, thanks, Doc!!!  Man, will I be glad when we get back from vacation and his month of limitations is over!!!


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