Tales from the River – Amsterdam, Netherlands, Sept 30, 2011

Pictures from Amsterdam:

The River Explorer docked in Amsterdam

Bicycles and the Transportation Hub

Trains, Buses, Water Taxis, and Tours

Our Cafe and a beautiful old cathedral

Ahhh, a Heineken and people-watching in Amsterdam!

Our Cafe in the beautiful sunny weather

Lady Liberty in Amsterdam?

A street where no cars, only pedestrians, are allowed

Bicycles, Bicycles, and a beautiful old cathedral


Bicycles everywhere!

Bicycles have their own “roads” in Amsterdam, and believe me, they do NOT stop for pedestrians either! I am so used to vehicles having to watch for pedestrians in the U.S. that I kept forgetting to look before I crossed their “road.” And bicyclists have their own red lights, just like cars do, so you not only have to watch the light at street crossings, you have to watch bicycle lights as well.

And notice that there are buildings of all ages on this one block.

Kay, Eddie Conrad and his wife Sandy

Enjoying the breeze on the top deck!


3 responses to “Tales from the River – Amsterdam, Netherlands, Sept 30, 2011

  1. What great pictures! Looks like you two are having a WONDERFUL TIME!!
    I look forward to the next updates.

    Love ya!

  2. More updates coming soon! And we ARE having a great time.
    Love you too! Wish you were here with us. You and I would have a great time wandering these old towns and leaving the guys are a local bar, I think.

  3. I AGREE!! 🙂