Tales from the River – Cologne, Germany, Oct 01, 2011

Tonight, we missed the cocktail party in the bar. Ed was sleeping and I felt so guilty waking him up when it was time to go to the daily meeting on tomorrow’s agenda. Once he was up and moving, dinner seemed to revive him a little. We met a wonderful couple, Sandy and Pat, and they again sat at our table. They are so much fun! They were teachers before they retired. Pat was a kindergarten teacher and Sandy was a high school PE teacher.

After dinner, there was a special performance by “La Strada” in the bar. Ed went up to get a Rusty Nail and Sandy and Pat joined us while he was away. Sandy made a point of saying how really nice Ed is and I agreed, of course! It’s really fun to meet someone on a trip like this that you get along with and just really enjoy sitting and talking.

The music from “La Strada” was absolutely amazing. There were 2 violins and a guitar. The young woman playing the violin, her brown hair pulled back in a knot at the nape of her neck, had strong arms and neck and played with such passion that her long bangs swayed back and forth with her movements to the music. Ed fell in love with her. The young man playing the violin, with closely cropped mustache and beard and muscular arms and chest, swayed and jerked with the same passion and seemed straight out of a movie with his good looks. I fell in love with him. Dressed all in black, the group made a strong impact with their array of music; opera and regional classics, including a few gypsy songs.

I would like to think that we would be so active that we would walk off many of the calories we are consuming on this trip, but so far that has not happened. Tonight, when I woke Ed up to go to the talk and dinner, his groggy comment was “We’re eating again???” We haven’t eaten this much, this often, in years! And everything is wonderful so you can’t just say no. Much of the food



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