Tales from the River – Heidelberg, Germany, Oct 3, 2011

Heidelberg is a university town and there are bicycles and students everywhere!

A view of the town from the castle.

A dry moat that held bears instead of water.

The castle entrance

The castle grew over time. This one took 500 years and went through many styles of architecture.

There is a surprise at the top of the oldest building on the right.

This was not only a solar clock; it also helped the astrologist in some way! See the astrological signs mixed in with the numbers?

You could pay your taxes either with cash or with what you produced. This is wine country and this is the smallest vat!

This is the largest vat. Notice the people standing on top of it?

A bus took us up and a funicular transported us down the steep hill to the market square.

A street going straight to the huge bridge spanning the river Neckar.

The Church of the Holy Spirit, both Protestant and Catholic when needed.

Hotel Ritter, where we were treated to a lunch of local specialties; food, wine, and beer.


3 responses to “Tales from the River – Heidelberg, Germany, Oct 3, 2011

  1. I almost cried when I saw the shirt you were wearing; sure glad you thought to take it. Lou

  2. Linda Genung

    I agree with Lou! Glad THE shirt got to go on this trip!!!! It sounds like your trip is doing much more sailing during the day than ours last year did!! Those of us “bargers” really missed days of just being on the river. Almost all of our sailing was done at night. Boo Hoo!!!
    Linda and Al

  3. Yes, we have had a few days and many mornings where we just barged and watched the scenery along the way. That makes visiting the towns and getting to meet the townspeople that much more interesting. We are loving the trip so far but I can tell you that there will not be enough time to see Budapest and Vienna!