Tales from the River – Wertheim, Germany, Oct 4, 2011

The village across the Main River

Swans and Mallards

Our tour guide Marie-Noelle. She was a hoot!

A wealthy family had 4 floors and slate siding.

All homes are staggered. This is Market Square.

The town water well

If you didn’t like your neighbor, you put a face on your home facing that neighbor’s home.  This one is sticking his tongue out at the other house.

This is not a castle; it is a fortress. Castles are for living and partying; fortresses are for protecting the town.

I just had to stop for ice cream and a Coca-Cola. Ice cream will never be the same in the U.S.


3 responses to “Tales from the River – Wertheim, Germany, Oct 4, 2011

  1. The ice cream looks yummy – LOL

  2. You seem to be so lucky with the weather and the towns look very interesting.

  3. The ice cream WAS yummy! And our weather is now changing. 50 degrees F tomorrow and rainy. BUT we have umbrellas that the ship supplied and I have a raincoat. Nuremburg, here we come!