Tales from the River – Wurzburg, Germany, Oct 5, 2011

The Prince Bishop’s Palace, named because this bishop was in charge of the church and state in this area.

The water fountain in front

The wine casks, holding difference vintages

Candles are everywhere. They were used to let the vintner know when to get out of the wine cellar due to a lack of air and a preponderance of wine gases. You can tell candles have been here a long time. See the black scorch burn marks on the cask.

After the 3rd glass of wine!

We have gone through many locks, which control the height of the river. This is the closest walkway we have seen!

To give a reference point, you can see we are just barely above the level of the walkway.

The lock raised the level of the ship to this level, about the top of the first staircase.


One response to “Tales from the River – Wurzburg, Germany, Oct 5, 2011

  1. I’m loving reading all of your posts and looking at the pictures … but the picture of you after the 3rd glass of wine is PRICELESS!!! We’re so glad y’all are having a great time – and such great weather. Can’t wait to see you when you get home and hear even more! Love you bunches – Kim & Bobby