Tales from the River – Bamberg, Germany, Oct 6, 2011

Bamberg is situated on 2 sides of a river and an island in between. The building on the left was City Hall, the only building built in the middle of the river since neither the church nor state would let the city have the land
for a building.

Modern Art in Bamberg, Germany

At the bottom of City Hall, there are “gates” for a competition. I can’t decide what the bicycle is for!

Bamberg was called the Venice of Germany because the river ran right up to the buildings. Silt has built up and some of them are no longer by the water.

The backside of City Hall

I just loved the ivy on these buildings

This is the oldest building in Bamberg. They dated the wood in the structure as being cut in the 1100’s. Our guide, Horst, is talking to us through his radio.

The oldest apothecary in Germany, dated 1437.

Coca Cola really is everywhere!

They put a plaque honoring Stauffenberg, a hometown boy, for attempting to kill Hitler on July 20, 1944.

A snack of sausages, mustard, brown bread, and sauerkraut


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  1. Bamberg looks amazing. I love the buildings right on the river – how neat – and what color.

  2. AMAZING pictures, Kay. Thanks so much for sharing. Love and miss you both.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Safe travels