Tales from the River – Passau, Germany, Oct 9, 2011

Our tour guide, a hometown girl, was a most animated person!

Ed has fallen in love yet again, this time in Passau, Germany.

The Bishop’s Palace on the steep cliff above the town

Below the palace, a wall was built to hold the flood water in check.

The town hall had a great view of the palace!

The town hall is very ornate. Kinda puts Argyle Town Hall to shame!

The Assembly Hall looks more like a church, doesn’t it? Argyle Town Hall used to be a church but it sure doesn’t look like this.

The fanciest grocery store I’ve ever seen, this was a “Colonial” store for goods from other places.

If you get bored with your roof, just paint it gold! It’s a little disconcerting with the mold on the next building though. One was cleaned recently, the other not.

One Catholic church out of 50 in Passau

So what’s original about an American Sport-Bar?

At the confluence of 3 rivers, Passau flooded quite often until the wall was built after 2002.

This is the Speaker’s Corner, where you can come and hang someone publicly and verbally. ScharfrichterHaus means the hanging house.

Passau is on both sides of all 3 rivers, with an island where they meet. We toured the island.

The point where all 3 rivers meet at the point of the island

The River Explorer, docked in the Danube

The point of the island where all 3 rivers meet contains a small park because it floods about 4 times a year.








2 responses to “Tales from the River – Passau, Germany, Oct 9, 2011

  1. Thank you for sharing – it is truly fascinating!! Roger is enjoying your journey as well.

  2. I haven’t had time to write Durnstein and our first day in Vienna yet but I have thoroughly enjoyed both places. And I’m glad that Roger is enjoying the travelogue. lol I wish he was going to be here tomorrow because that’s when some of them visit the art museum. We’re going to the palace instead but I’m looking forward to seeing this one. Everything else here in Vienna is gorgeous!