Tales from the River – Regensburg, Germany, Oct 8, 2011

Sailing down the Danube

The old bridge across the Danube, at one time, the connection between Germany and Austria.


This town gate was built in 179 A.D.

The Roman Gate into the town

The old Roman tower

They don’t tear down stuff here; they just build on top of and beside it!

The original Bishop’s court, beside the Catholic Dom

One remaining medievil tower remains from the original structure. It was used to stabilize the Dom.

The Dom

The Catholic Dom


If you were wealthy, you built your own tower; not necessarily for any good reason, just for show! There are no individual floors inside except for the very top, just a staircase winding up and up.

Don Juan, a favorite town son!

Trying to decide exactly what that was under his left foot


This is the entrance to the town hall.

They sure did believe in having an ornate town hall!

One last look at the old Roman gate and tower and it’s back to the ship for a beer tasting!


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