Tales from the River – Regensburg, Germany, Oct 8, 2011

It was an easy day today in Regensburg. This morning, we stopped early to let the passengers off who were taking a day trip to the Weltenberg Monastery. I didn’t sign up for this trip because I thought Ed might need to day to recoup from previous days. I think he could’ve made the trip but it was good to just relax today as we sailed past the wonderful countryside along the Danube River.

Mid-afternoon, we docked in Regensburg and had a walking tour of the old town. This town is just as old as some of the others we have seen but, unlike most of the others, this one wasn’t bombed during WWII so there is still some of the Roman structures still around. It was mind-boggling to realize that I was touching rocks in a town gate that the Romans worked so hard to build in order to protect the town. I used to think that walking down the cobblestone streets was impressive but then today, I found out that the cobblestones weren’t actually laid down in the streets until long after the Romans and Celts left. Oh well.

Ford, Starbucks, McDonalds, Coca Cola, Pepsi; I was interested in what aspects of American life have moved to Europe but I was totally unprepared to see a Greenpeace table in the middle of the town square today. Except for the name, everything else was in German!

I found out today that Drake is now in Fort Stockton, Texas. It is such a long way from home; over 400 miles and 7 hours away from us. I’m sure we will go and visit him at a point but it will not be that often! I sure wish he had been able to come with us on this trip. He really would’ve loved the Roman and Celtic history of this town.

Tonight, I think I will go to bed early. Tomorrow, we see Passau, Germany, and it should be fascinating to finally see a different country.

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