Tales from the River – Vienna, Austria, Oct 11, 2011

The National Library is much more than a library!

What a wonderful experience! A little bit history, a little bit art, a LOT of books. And this is just a very small part!

They are digitizing the library so that everyone can read and research. Some of the

shelves were empty because of that but it did NOT minimize the experience!

What you didn’t notice was an occasional door, disguising a reading room. There have

never been candles in this library so these reading rooms were very important before electricity.

An unusual globe, one of only four in this part of the library

Tineke, our program manager, giving directions back to the ship

The National Library was originally part of the imperial palace. On the right (not shown) were the stables for the Lipizzaner horses of the Spanish Riding School.

I hoped we could see them, but they were setting up for a special event.

The front of the palace, with the horse-drawn carriages; I just loved the horses with ear covers!

The Roman ruins, uncovered during construction, in front of the palace

“Roman house with murals and underground heating (2nd to 4th Century)”

Yes, the part of Vienna we saw was expensive!

We had to stop and have a coffee and sandwich at a Vienna coffee house, next to St. Stephan’s Cathedral.

Ok, the ears were a little chilly so a knitted hat with what looked like blond hair sticking out in back was in order

Even the steps get decorated here in Vienna!

I love the flower shops everywhere in these countries! Too bad that we can’t take any of them home

Dinner was at Hieurigan Wolfe, complete with a sampling of 4 of their latest wines and a sing-a-long.

A late evening but lots of singing, even on the bus ride back to the ship.

The singing continued on the ship in the lounge. “Cry Me a River” and “Birth of the Blues”



2 responses to “Tales from the River – Vienna, Austria, Oct 11, 2011

  1. I’m so glad you included a picture of Tineke. She was the Program Manager on the “Barge Reunion” last year from Bucharest > Budapest. She’s really good, like all Vantage people are. Please tell Eddie C. “Hi” for us, and thanks so much for sharing your pictures and thoughts. We really feel like we’re on the trip with you!

  2. Oh, my, Linda! We have thoroughly enjoyed Tineke! She tells it like it is and I totally appreciate it, as did my mom, as you probably remember. I look forward to having her on another cruise.