Tales from the River – Vienna, Austria, Oct 12, 2011

I walked so much yesterday that I pulled something in my left foot, I think. I felt bad missing the tour of Shonbrun Castle today but I don’t want to miss Budapest so I stayed on the barge today and just put my foot up … in the bar, of course! Well, not all day. I did walk to the restaurant for breakfast and lunch. Watching Viennese life on the river was fun. Ed’s response when I told him this morning that I wasn’t going on the tour was “Thank goodness! I’m not going either!” I think we were both pretty tired.

Tonight, though, Vantage provided a classical concert at Kursalon. This is a beautiful building built in 1862 especially for concerts and balls. Our concert was in Lanner Hall, on the second floor and, as you will see in the pictures, is a wonderfully elegant classic room with exquisite chandeliers and a very small stage. I taped a few performances of the opera singers, both male and female, along with the orchestra’s finale. There were 2 ballet dancers but they moved around so much and there were so many heads in my way that I couldn’t get a clear view of them.

There was a glass of champagne before the concert started but, since it was raining, we couldn’t stand out on the terrace. I would’ve loved to stand out under the stars after the concert there, taking in the sights of Vienna. After the concert was over, we were herded back to the bus and driven through the crowded streets of Vienna back to the ship and a great dinner. Even in the rain, the metro train and streets were bustling!

Afterward dinner, we collapsed for the evening. No singing that night, especially after the wonderful concert we had just experienced!


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