Sheet Set Debacle

I admit it. If I have to shop, I go for the bargain. I found a sheet set that looked really good, matched the bedspread, had a high thread count, and was relatively cheap. Ok, so I bought it. Cheap shows! Yes, the color and thread count were great but the fit was terrible! The elastic wouldn’t hold the sheets on the bed and, since our bed is very high, every time you slid on the bed, you took the sheet with you. Grrrrr. We put up with it before we left on vacation but, man, once we got home, we just couldn’t stand it anymore. So off they came and right into the trash can.

Ed found a good deal at Target so he picked up a new set of sheets and, tonight, we decided to put them on.  Yeah!  Oh, my. Where’s the fitted sheet? There wasn’t one. It was missing in action. Then I looked at the top sheet, as we were looking for the fitted sheet, and it was stained! What????? Forget about the pillow cases! I didn’t want to know what was in that package! So back into the store bag that sheet set went, to be returned tomorrow!

The original clean sheet set went back on the bed. Clean sheets sure feel good! It’s so good to be home!


2 responses to “Sheet Set Debacle

  1. I always say that if I won the lottery I would have clean sheets on the bed every night !!!!!! It goes without saying I’d employ somebody to wash and change them. x

  2. Do I understand that! If I won the lottery, though, I’d also have someone cooking, cleaning, watering the plants, feeding the dogs, goats, and turtle, updating the landscaping, fixing and redecorating the house, … Ok, I’d end up a couch potato. Never mind.