A Thurber Visit

We are back home and all involved in the weekly projects. I’ll tell you more about that later but I just had to let you know that we stopped in Thurber on the way home and had lunch. I wasn’t impressed with the food but we had fun nonetheless.

The place was packed when we got there and there was one section of the restaurant closed off, I am assuming for a family Thanksgiving get-together. The tables were vintage 1950’s chrome and the walls were crowded with antiques from various years. There were old black & white pictures of the town, old metal signs, old and dirty glass bottles perched on brick projections around the room, an upright piano over in one corner, and lots of souvenirs to buy in the display case at the checkout counter. There were many more people working there than the population of the town so I am assuming that they came from neighboring communities.

All of this was interesting to look at but the fascinating part for me was the people who stopped for lunch at 2 pm. We sat next to a woman talking on her cell phone about some land that a friend had recently sold. “Oh, your kids would know the name Jewel. Well, it was her husband that bought Frank’s ranch.” She was all decked out in jewelry and obviously wasn’t local. As I turned around to look at the décor, she just automatically turned to look also. “I wonder if that’s a picture of the town?” she asked her husband. Now, they got there before we did but she hadn’t even taken the time to look at her surroundings!

On the opposite end of the restaurant, there was a biker gang. Yes, a biker gang! Don’t tell me these were doctors and lawyers out for a Sunday ride with friends, not with their physiques, hair styles and tattoos. But they were from all over the state, I think. The backs of their (matching but all different) leather jackets had different counties embroidered on them, at least. En masse, they were somewhat intimidating but they were nice. I did feel a tad out of place with my very conservative pearl gold pin on my black vest!

And yes, we did get a picture of the smokestack. Why, I’m not sure but since the town was only a block long, there wasn’t much else to take pictures of! The red building by the smokestack was the fire department. At least they didn’t have far to go if there was a kitchen fire in the restaurant! I wonder if all 5 residents were in the fire department. I did notice that there were only 2 houses on the east side of the street but there could’ve been another one hiding in the woods nearby.

All in all, it was a fun place to visit and well worth the stop on a boring drive between Odessa and Fort Worth!


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  1. This sounds as populated as Mentone, Texas, the county seat of Loving County Texas. In 2000, the population of Mentone was 15. They all probably worked at the county court house. I had to drive 25 miles to Pecos just to eat lunch at the local truck stop. But it really was a neat place – all there was – was a court house out in the middle of nowhere.