Saving Thanksgiving

Last week, Ed and I went down to have a great lunch with Misty and on the way back home, I wanted to stop by Adams Furniture in Justin. We have had a small, round table next to the chaise lounge in the bedroom for years. You remember the kind, with the lamp attached to the top of the table so you can swivel it around? It’s always been too small, too tall, and too CHEAP! I wanted an end table that matched our bedroom furniture and I knew that Adams might have it. So we stopped and that was our first mistake.

I told Darrell what we were looking for and he went to see what they might have in stock or if they would have to order it. While we were waiting, we saw a dining table that we had noticed the last time we were there. It was rustic with light wood and some kind of stone inlay on top of the table. The chairs had padded seats and they were NOT white, which was a plus for me. It sure would be nice to have a new dining table. We still had the same one we bought when we moved into the house about 25 years ago. The table was okay but the chairs looked their age, were falling apart, and were stained. Sigh. Sure would be nice!

Darrel actually came up with 3 end tables that matched our bedroom furniture, sitting right there in the store. Wonderful!!! Then Ed noticed another dining table that he liked as much as the other one. It was darker wood and the chairs weren’t padded but we could buy chair pads. Of course, Darrell said to give him a few minutes to crunch the numbers and see what he could come up with on price.

As we were waiting, I turned to Ed, “What are we doing??? We didn’t come here for a dining room table!” All I got was an agreeable nod from Ed but we continued to wait nonetheless. Before I knew it, we were walking out with a new dining room table, 6 chairs, and an end table, to be delivered when Adams Furniture could get the two extra chairs in from the manufacturer. We drove home just shaking our heads, wondering what had gotten into us but excited to have something to be proud of in the dining room again.

Later that day, I asked Ken if he could move the old dining room furniture to the Meadows Building, just until I could decide what to do with it. One of his friends needed a large table for Thanksgiving and it seemed like the perfect opportunity, so I gave the table and chairs to Ken’s friend. They started to dismantle the table.

Ken lifted the glass insert on the end of the table nearest the atrium and was going to set it down on the tile floor. As one edge barely touched the tile, the entire half-moon piece of tempered glass shattered. One moment, he was holding the glass; the next moment, there were cracks in it everywhere; and the next moment, it was all on the floor. The look on Ken’s face was absolutely priceless! We were all shocked of course, to say the least, but Ken was in shock.  He had been so careful but I think the age of the glass and the fact that it had been sitting near the atrium windows for 25 years determined its fate.

As Ken swept up the glass, we could hear the tempered glass making popping sounds and breaking apart. It was so strange! Ten minutes after the initial shock, it was still popping and breaking apart. We all were in awe of what we had just witnessed.  I really wished someone had had a camera rolling because I figured no one would believe how long that popping went on. In looking back, I was glad that we had splurged on a new table … with no glass inserts … instead of waiting until we were eating dinner, with both dogs looking longingly at our plates through that glass, when the glass gave way.

As it turned out, the other piece of glass was just fine and they used that as a template for cutting some Plexiglas for the other end of the table. Thanksgiving was saved for a young man who had lost his job and couldn’t find another one. He’ll have to really work on those chairs if he wants to keep them but the table worked well for Thanksgiving. He was thrilled and I was glad that we could help.


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  1. You didn’t mention that as the glass crumbled, it also changed from perfectly clear to a purple color!