Let’s Get Moving!

This has indeed been a hectic week at our little house in the woods. Last Sunday, after the long drive to see Drake, I felt I could’ve slept for a week but, unfortunately, we didn’t have that luxury on Monday morning. We got moving early and waited for the roofer to show up, plus Ken was supposed to start our new deck that day as well. We hoped that our new dining room table was going to be delivered early this week. I also hoped to hear from the roofer for Nonnie’s house. Oh, we had lots of plans last Monday morning!

Yeah, good intentions and all that! Ken showed up to start the deck and he and his crew have been working on it all week. It’s coming along nicely. Unfortunately, our roofer couldn’t get the roofing tiles delivered until Wednesday and, with the rain coming in this weekend, they opted to wait until next Monday to start tearing off the old roof. That seemed reasonable until tonight when I heard that we might get winter precipitation and a freezing temperature on Monday. Hmmm, I just don’t think they will start the job on Monday but who knows about later next week? They said they needed three days to get the job done.

The roofer for Nonnie’s house is ready to start working on her house. Guess when they want to start? You guessed it … Monday! Oh, well. It is December and Texas weather can change drastically minute by minute so who knows when they will start that job. They only wanted two days to get that roof done.

As for the furniture, that is set up to be delivered next Wednesday. I am SO looking forward to that! We have thoroughly cleaned the floor and rearranged the furniture in anticipation. Of course, now that the floor looks so good, the wainscoting looks crappy. I guess this weekend, while the weather is bad, I’ll use the Old English to really spruce up the wainscoting. Then I’ll probably have to do the door into the kitchen so it matches the wainscoting. Well, if you do the door, then the kitchen cabinets will really look dingy. Then we’ll just have to rearrange the office/computer room so it looks a little nicer. The office leads into the living room. Ok, ok! We have a lot of work to get done this weekend! I’d better get moving!


6 responses to “Let’s Get Moving!

  1. I’ll be able to stay out of your way…there’s a lot of football on TV this weekend. Don’t thank me…just being helpful! Ed

  2. LOL! Thant is how Roger looks at it when he is watching football – helping by just staying out of the way – but I can always think of things he can really me with.

    • LOL I agree, Jen. But it’s just easier to do it myself, the way I want it done. Plus, what else do I have to do when football is on???

  3. Don’t want to rain on your parade, but, unless you have a very large roof, a good roofer can finish the job in one day.

  4. We have a large roof, plus they are putting down multiple layers so that next time the hail doesn’t punch through as easily. Also, we’re putting on 2 solar vents so that it will automatically vent heat out of the attic. It gets REALLY hot here in Texas so that is a plus for us! Mom’s roof is not as big but they are adding a new roof over the patio; one that is NOT metal and matches the roof on the house. Woo-hoo!!!