A roof, a deck, and a dining room table

My goodness, how much wood do we have in this house??? We started with the parquet floor in the dining room, which led to the wainscoting, the corner china cabinets, and the kitchen cabinets. I feel like my right arm is much bigger now than my left arm and that’s just two rooms! But they sure look good and I’m so pleased. I’m not done but it’s a good start.

I took the opportunity to take everything out of the china cabinets and to use Old English on the shelves. Yes, I also rearranged stuff and I found items I didn’t even remember any more. I know we got some of it when we got married (almost 39 years ago!), but some of it was from Ed’s parents and from my grandmother. Actually, I think Nonnie gave me some of her mom’s stuff because she ran out of room in her own house!

We now have our china and Dot’s (Ed’s mom) china. Thankfully, they can be used together. Our china is white with a grey and white pattern and silver on the edges. Dot’s china is grey with a white and pink pattern and silver on the edges. That works. We have our formal silverware and my grandmother’s formal silverware. We have Dot’s pink Depression glass, my grandmother’s pink Depression glass, plus some pieces that I picked up at the trading post in the Meadows Building.

I also found a set of steak knives and carving set and they are SO ugly that I wouldn’t use them on a bet! They are too light-weight to really be comfortable but what’s ugly are the handles. They are yellow. Yes, I said YELLOW! I looked them up online and they are circa 1920’s/1930’s and the handles are called Butterscotch Bakelite. I think that means they are yellow and are made of a precursor of the plastic we know today! I’m not sure what to do with these but I may need to rent a booth at the trading post in the Meadows Building for some of this stuff!

Oh, we now have a new roof but they found a major crack in the mortar at the top of the chimney. That gives Ken something else to do when he gets here tomorrow. He’s still working on the front deck and I think that’s going to look wonderful! It matches the rock on the house, as does the new roof.

We had the new dining room table delivered today and I’m thrilled. It’s nice to have a table back in that room again. It’s amazing how much we used that table, just to set things down. It seats six and is very rustic. That does not match our formal wallpaper or the glass lamp shades on the ceiling fan but when I mentioned that to Ed, he just gave me a dirty look. I guess that means we won’t be changing the wallpaper or the ceiling fan but it was worth a shot, wasn’t it? It just gives me something to think about for a project in the future!


One response to “A roof, a deck, and a dining room table

  1. I know I’m risking Ed’s ire but I’ve just got to jump in here. You’ve done so much with your dining room – so go ahead and finiah it. Get that new wallpaper and go to Lamps Plus or Home Depot and get that new light fixture. It’ll finish the project.