Be Teachers and TEACH!


  1. The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.
  2. The theory and practice of teaching.


  1. The occupation, profession, or work of a teacher.
  2. Ideas or principles taught by an authority.


Moral attentiveness means to concentrate on helping students grow as persons in grace and sensitivity, becoming more rather than less thoughtful about ideas, becoming more rather than less respectful of others’ views, and becoming more rather than less responsible for reducing social injustice. Questions of what is fair, right, and just arise constantly in classrooms; students learn moral sensibilities from how their teachers answer those questions…

Written by Larry Cuban (author, blogger, former high school teacher, district superintendent, and university professor)

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Given the above information, why is it that our educators are trying to restrict Christmas and Santa Claus instead of taking the entire holiday season as a reason for teaching students why we have celebrations, what the different celebrations mean, and where the celebrations came from? Instead of making many Americans angry, invite students to grow and learn to respect how other students are raised. Be teachers!


3 responses to “Be Teachers and TEACH!

  1. I don’t know of any teacher that wouldn’t love to teach about Christmas. It’s not the teachers, its the STUPID law. Schools can’t have christmas trees anymore, the chorus can’t sing carols anymore, they can’t have Cchristmas assemblies anymore. Thank you Madeline Murry O’Hare

  2. I agree!! The children need to be taught the true meaning of Christmas – but our government says “NO”. I believe that taking God out of the schools it making a society that is meaner and more corrupt.

  3. Linda Genung

    They don’t let teacher’s alone to TEACH anything anymore! Everything is mandated, regulated, and geared to the *&^^%$$ standarized tests! Almost NOTHING is left to truly educating students! Do I sound like a teacher? You betcha!!!