Happy New Year!!!

Have you made any resolutions yet? I have. I wonder how many I’ll break this year. I’m sure it will be most of them. Man, I never keep my resolutions! It starts out so well but then it just kind of peters out. Uhhh, what resolution?

This year is different. I have a list of resolutions. I have a list of things that I will be working toward.

I started this blog a few years ago to document my mom’s illness so that I wouldn’t have to repeat the same story when people called. I just pointed them toward my blog and they could keep up on a daily basis. It was great!!! After she passed away, I quit for a while because the subject of my blog, what was happening and how I felt about it, was no longer pertinent. Yet I was talked back into keeping the blog so that people could keep up with me and what was going on in Argyle.

After a while, it morphed into a quasi-political blog. Why??? Because I didn’t have a “regular” job and was, obviously, livid about where Obama was taking my country. Now I am getting sick and tired of politics, government, and Iowa! Iowa is but one state out of fifty. Why do I pay such attention to Iowa when, by the time I get to vote, the Republican Presidential field will be winnowed down to a few. I care about the results but I am so tired of hearing about the process!

One of my resolutions this year is to write more. I used to have a journal and I wrote in it almost daily. It was a catharsis for me. It helped me to organize my thoughts and feelings and to deal with issues, without blowing a gasket. I miss that. Yes, I will write more this year and yes, some of it will be about politics but not all of it. I want to get more into feelings, into what is important to me, into how it is going in Argyle. I think this year will be a very interesting year and I hope to give my thoughts and feelings about how it is affecting me and the people I love.

I have other resolutions but they can wait … at least until tomorrow. Oh, wait, the Iowa caucus is tomorrow. Who knows what I will write about tomorrow but I’m sure it won’t be what I expect today. Isn’t that always the way it goes?

Happy New Year, y’all. Talk to you soon.

5 responses to “Happy New Year!!!

  1. Since I’m not enamored of any of the current candidates, I’ll just ignore caucuses and primaries except my home state primary (which is probably a foregone conclusion) – and focus on November. My candidate is ABO – Anybody But Obama….. Karen has a new car for Christmas, and one of the first things she did was stick an Obama bumper sticker on it. (very big sigh)

  2. Ummm, so where’s your NObama bumper sticker???

  3. Helen Murphy

    My New Year resolution is not to fall back into playing Gardens of Time when I return from holiday on 27th January. As I don’t want to have lots of unknown friends it is costing me a fortune !!!!!!!!

  4. Steve, as you and Karen know, your marriage is as close as we can get down here to a James Carville/Mary Matalin duet! Please try to keep the peace through the pig slop trough we call politics in this, the year of the crazies…2012!

  5. IOWA is actually an acronym for Idiots Out Wandering Aimlessly.