Fluttering away …

Yesterday, Ed was scheduled for surgery.

(Laughing) He hates it when he is the subject of my blog but he is a big part of my life, so it’s hard not to write about him.

His A-fib and flutter have mysteriously returned. The doctors won’t know why until they do the surgery but it could be a minute space between the spots they cauterized last time or a brand new spot. Dr. Naseem said the surgery could be as simple as going in and cauterizing any small spots missed the first time in the left chamber OR as difficult as needing to go through the heart wall into the right chamber. He just doesn’t know yet, but he does know that Ed is too young and active to just live with it, hence the upcoming surgery, planned for January 19th.

Of course, computer nerd that I am, I was absolutely fascinated to know the answer to Ed’s question: How do you see inside the heart; possibly a scope that you thread into the heart? Dr. Naseem got visibly excited to talk about the new technology they have today and I was a little dumbfounded to hear how far we have come. Yes, they could use a scope, like they did last time, or they could use GPS.

What??? GPS??? You’re kidding right? But no, he wasn’t. They insert little GPS units all over the inside of the heart chamber and that can show them a picture of the inside of the chamber and what exactly is going on in there. Can you believe that? I still can’t get over this particular use for GPS. I am still floored. Macro to micro, how many uses can we find for the fascinating technology that we have today?

Now back to Ed. Yes, I’m done ranting about the wonderful world of computer technology. He will have surgery that day and will come home the next one, just like last June. Can you believe it has been that long since the first ablation? (Yes, Ed, it was last June. I looked it up! June 8th, to be exact.) That gives me hope that it is NOT a new location, since it may have taken that long for everything to heal inside and a “leak” to show up. We’ll just have to see.

You have been given fair warning. You now know what I will be blogging about on January 19th.

3 responses to “Fluttering away …

  1. I am sorry to hear that Ed must endure yet another surgery – but feel certain all will go fine. Roger and I look forward to seeing you both in the very near future.

  2. GPS? Go straight to the next aorta, then turn left. Recalculating…. Recalculating. Make a u-turn at the next ventricle. Recalculating…. Recalculating. Stop at rhe next doctor and ask for directions. I hope their GPS is better than mine. I once programmed my GPS to take me to a meeting and it took me to a nursing home and cheerfully said “you have arrived at your destination.” that was pretty depressing. Ed is young at heart so this should be a breeze if not a little inconvenient.

    (my autocorrect tried to make the word “inconvenient” into the word “Incontinent”. That would have been really embarrassing.)

  3. We are so sorry to hear of Ed’s upcoming surgery. I have good feelings about this. But GPS – OMG! what a world of discovery we do live in. I’m just going to call and talk to you guys!!