Comments, Anyone?

What do you think? Should I change the dining room light fixture? We have a formal dining room but just bought a rustic table. I can take the wallpaper. I can take the family pictures. I’m not sure I can take the light fixture with this table. Of course, the Christmas decorations have been put up now but you can see the room as a whole.

Notice the polished oak paneling.

And the matching wooden floor tiles. They don’t really match the unpolished table and chairs, but I can live with that too.

But does the rustic table really go with this formal light fixture?

Oh, and this is why I can live with almost everything. I LOVE this table!


5 responses to “Comments, Anyone?

  1. Nope. Gotta go. 😉

  2. You go girl! Look you have come this far. Go to Home Depot or Lamps Plus and get that new fisture. Go all the way and finish the job and get new wallpaper.

  3. My vote is yes. Shop online…I could get you into some real trouble. Love you both!

  4. lol Thank you, ladies!!!
    Sandy, I think I’ll keep the wallpaper. If you look at it real closely, you can see that the formal design is stamped onto twine (yes, TWINE!) attached to wallpaper. Kinda makes me think of a cross between the formal and the rustic. Interesting, to say the least!
    Steve, you chicken!!!
    Donni, let’s talk…
    Love every one of you!!!!!

  5. I love the new table- beautiful!! I think I would need to see the entire room to really say – but I kinda like it – if any thing – you might just change out the fan blades to a more unfinished look. It really is – what do you like????