Breaker, Breaker

What a week! Ok, it was just the last few days but I can still complain, can’t I?

After I got my massage on Wednesday, I was walking to the car and noticed that some of the wooden beams Ken had added to the parking lot to keep people from running into the Meadows Building were turned over on their sides, with the spikes pointing toward the building. The only thing I can think of is that someone got their bumper hooked over the beam and pulled them out when they were backing up. Ken just turned them back over, making sure that the spikes were in their original holes, and everything was fine.

On Wednesday afternoon, I got a text message from Robin, my hairdresser in the Meadows Building, and she didn’t have electricity. “Not good for the hair business. Lol,” she said. Man, that’s an understatement! No hair dryers, no curlers, no heater, no mini-frig to hold your lunch, no lights … ouch! Ken went down and flipped the main breaker and everything worked. Unfortunately, it kept blowing the main breaker every 20-30 minutes.

I got a local electrician, Aaron, to stop by and he couldn’t find anything wrong with it but he changed out the old breaker box, just in case there was a problem with that. That seemed to fix the problem but, since he needed to come back on Thursday to check why the ceiling fan wouldn’t turn on with the wall switch, he was going to check the breaker box also.

I stopped to talk with Mr. Ed, of Mister Ed’s Trading Post, and he had a problem with hits breaker also. Yeah, he was making coffee and then decided to plug in a little heater and that overloaded the circuit. Duh! The plug needed to be replaced anyway so I put that on Aaron’s list of things to do on Thursday.

The next day, Robin reported that she had no more problems with the electricity on Wednesday but when Aaron showed up, the breaker had been flipped yet again sometime during the night. Now that makes no sense, since nothing was on overnight, so he really had no clue what was going on. He had checked the connections and wires between the breaker box and the building and all seemed just fine. He’s going to talk with the other electricians and see if they had any ideas.

Later that day, I updated Ken on the problem and he suggested that maybe, just maybe, when the wooden beams were pulled up in the parking lot, the spikes had nicked the electric line as it ran underground between the breaker box and the building. Oh. Yeah, that might be something that Aaron might want to check.

Now the question is, if that is indeed the problem, do we move the wooden beams away from the electric line or do we put another line of wooden beams on top of the original ones to keep people from driving over them? I think I’ll get more suggestions from Ken and Aaron.

Oh, the headaches of being a landlord!


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