A Hungarian Surprise

I brought back a souvenir from Budapest that I am especially enamored with and I’d like to show you what it is.

Now when you are storing this little goodie, you lay it flat.

How pretty, with the embroidery work and ribbon! But the real beauty comes when you pull the ribbon and tie it in a small bow.

A pretty little flower amazingly appears. You could use it for displaying trinkets on a coffee table. Or you could use it for storing your jewelry, when you take it off at night, on the top of your dresser. Or you could put wrapped candy in it on a buffet table. Or you could put a small vase of flowers in the center and showcase it on the dinner table.

I don’t know what I will end up doing with it, but I love this versatile piece!


One response to “A Hungarian Surprise

  1. How beautiful and unique!!