A House in the Country

A house in the country sits hidden, nestled among a forest of trees. There are no yards to mow, no bushes to prune, and no leaves to rake. There are so many trees that there is no way all the leaves could be contained. It’s a rugged yard, with wooden decks, planters filled with tomato plants, and lots of ivy; low maintenance. We like it this way because Ed had been spending way too much time after work and on weekends doing yard work when we lived in Denton. Rustic is good!

Twenty-five years later, nature has encroached upon that house in the country. Dead leaves have covered almost half of the driveway and soil has been pushed onto the concrete drive. Roots have slowly grown into that dirt on the concrete and trees have started to grow there. Weeds and vines are slowly taking over. Rustic is good; overgrown is not!

I hate dead leaves but with so many trees, how do you get rid of them? You can’t bag them all. They cover everything! What do you do with them all? Yet I am determined to have something that looks manicured in front of my house in the country. I have been using a leaf blower to get them off of the sidewalk to the front door. I have been raking them off of the driveway, both the concrete and the gravel, and I am starting to take back the half of the driveway we have lost over the past 25 years. It’s taking a long time but it will be worth it. I am determined.

I spent part of Sunday raking leaves. Did you know that when leaves are left for years, they turn into flattened layers that look like paper? I have raked down through this layer and gotten to the soil on part of the driveway. It feels good to get to the original level of the driveway. I have actually found most of the landscaping beams along the edge. Even though they are also falling apart, it has been good to find them once again. When I am done, I think I’ll get Ken to put down more gravel so it looks nice and manicured. I’m starting to like manicured.

Wait a minute. There used to be a layer of gravel next to those beams. And I only see half of those beams. Hmmm. Maybe I haven’t gotten down to the original level after all. Could it be that those flat layers of dead leaves would really turn into a thick dark layer of nutrient-rich soil? Maybe that wasn’t dirt on top of the concrete driveway! Crap! If so, I still have more work to do!

Gotta go!


4 responses to “A House in the Country

  1. Well, for 25 years I’ve convinced her that rustic is good…I suppose that was a pretty good run….sigh

  2. Yeah, I’ve decided that rustic is good inside the house, not out in the yard. Since Ken has gotten most of the new deck installed, the yard now looks pretty messy. Rustic dining table; manicured driveway. I am determined!

  3. When you see our place, you will understand that we understand outside work. We work outside lots but we love it. So you go ahead and find that driveway and reclaim it – we totally get it!

  4. Way too much work for us – that’s why we are city-people – with a very small yard.