A Sleeping Day

Today started early, for some more than others! No, I’m not talking especially about me, although I did wake up at 3:30 am. Ed, on the other hand, just couldn’t go to sleep at all last night, so when it came time to get up, he quietly slipped into the bathroom for a shower about 4:15. Of course, with no sleep, Ed must’ve watched a lot of television. During the drive to the hospital, he regaled me with interesting bits of information on how someone built a replica of the bomb the Allies used to bomb a German dam. It really was interesting but I have to admit, I wasn’t paying that much attention. We were right on time, getting to the hospital at 6 and snagged a great parking spot!

We were moved to the cath lab about 6:45 and, soon after, Dr. Krueger performed a TEE. That means he put a scope down Ed’s throat and took an echo of his heart, looking for any blood clots. If there had been any, no surgery would’ve been done, but it was all clear and we were all thrilled.

By 7:30, he was out of the anesthesia used for the TEE and was ready for surgery and I was more than ready for breakfast, which he couldn’t have. By 9, I was sitting in the surgery waiting room trying NOT to doze off, even after the coffee they provided.

At 9:30, all bets were off for having the surgery done today. They used a scope to find any flutter and everything looked good. That didn’t make sense, so they used the GPS apparatus to show the inside of his heart and it didn’t show any flutter either. At that time, Dr. Naseem decided not to do the ablation surgery since Ed’s problem seemed to be the a-fib only. Apparently, doing an ablation for a-fib is more extensive than doing an ablation for flutter. Dr. Naseem wanted to admit Ed for 2 days and try medication to control the a-fib first. If that doesn’t control it, THEN Dr. Naseem would be talking to us about doing the a-fib ablation.

“You know that Ed isn’t going to like staying 2 days,” I told him.

“Why do you think I’m telling you???” he chuckled.

He is now in a room and has come out of the anesthesia but I’m not sure you would know it. He’s so tired that he’s been sleeping most of the time anyway. I don’t think they use this room much. There’s no TV remote hooked up or at least I can’t find one. There was no recliner for me to sit in; just a hardback chair. There is no bathroom. There is a commode with a half-wall between it and the rest of the room but there is no shower at all. I’m sitting here typing in the recliner they FINALLY brought in and I almost have to yell at Ed when I talk to him because the room is so long!

So what it boils down to is that Ed is on “bed rest” for 6 hours, meaning that he can’t even sit up in bed. Yeah, that was fun when they brought a pork chop for lunch! They took it back and brought him “finger food,” a hamburger and chips, but eating when you are lying almost flat is difficult, no matter what it is.

They have put him on the new medication and have just done an EKG. He will have the new medicine every 12 hours, followed by an EKG after every dose. Dr. Naseem will check in later to see how he’s faring.

Meanwhile, he will be bored tomorrow and Saturday and I will probably be spending most of my time up here with him. Although, he’s already said that I should go home and check on the dogs and get the mail, I’m thinking that a good nap is in order before I do anything else! I probably should’ve waited to write this after the nap but I’ll worry about making corrections tomorrow.


3 responses to “A Sleeping Day

  1. Thanks for the update – I’ll look forward to the next update – after you get rest 🙂

  2. Get some rest dear friend. I did get your texts. Give Ed a kiss on the cheek and we’ll wait for your update. If you want to talk give us a call as we are house bound because it’s still snowing. We’re very tired of it now.

  3. Thanks for all texts and the blog. Tell Ed we’ll talk to him tomorrow. I won’t call you tonight…know you need some rest. Love to you both.