A Dust Bowl in Texas

Tonight, we are in Amarillo, just for the night. We have a meeting tomorrow at noon and afterwards, we will drive back home. If you saw the weather tonight, you might have seen the report of “almost hurricane winds” in the Texas panhandle. Yes, we drove right through it and believe me, it was indeed that bad.

They are saying it got up to 77 mph in Clarendon and I think that’s when I decided that I should pull over. The dust was so bad that we couldn’t see 10 feet in front of the car at times. And we were not the only ones who gave in to the urge to pull off the road. It almost seemed like a caravan of cars, trucks, SUVs, and 18-wheelers lining the road. There were other idiots plowing on through the wind and dust and tumbleweeds but we couldn’t see them for long. No matter how slowly they were going, headlights appeared first, their vehicle slowly materialized beside us, and those red tail lights were gone in a flash!

I was afraid that I would run into the back of someone while we were driving but that wasn’t the only obstacle we faced. Tumbleweeds were everywhere! I didn’t mind so much running over those or even having them bounce off the car as they tore down the road. What bothered and scared me was when a small tree limb came at us, bounced and struck the windshield in front of Ed. No damage was done but now I REALLY know what that windshield is for!

Yes, it was an interesting drive today and not one I would like to make again. I just wish we had thought to get pictures but I’m not sure anyone could really understand what they were seeing. It was all a blur, literally. I kept wanting to wipe my glasses but they were not the problem. Yet once we were out of it, we were out of it and it was a beautiful day again. I knew we had gone through a cold front because it went from 70 pre-dust bowl down to 55 post-dust bowl. And that’s exactly what it reminded me of … pictures of the dust bowl in the 30’s.

The weather up here is cold but we didn’t hit any rain. They are predicting rain and snow on Tuesday-Wednesday but we will be long gone by then. Amarillo in January is not where I really want to be and I intend to get back home ASAP!


3 responses to “A Dust Bowl in Texas

  1. I really do understand what you all went through. Roger and I lived in Lubbock for 4 years and we lived through some dust storms. It would get so bad that they would close schools and businesses. The longest I remember one lasting was two days. It took forever to the the house free of the dust.

    Good luck today 🙂

    Love ya

  2. Just read this one & have to add my 2cents worth. We’ve driven through those on a 2 lane road with NO shoulder so you couldn’t pull off the road! Literally I couldn’t see 10 feet in front of the car, so we just prayed our way at 10 miles an hour and hoped we didn’t get rear ended! Not fun, but the Panhandle has lots of really interesting weather!

  3. Ain’t that the truth, Linda! The Panhandle is just an interesting place anyway but add in the weather and it seems like a totally different state! And I can’t even imagine driving on a road with no shoulder in that stuff. Although, I have to admit, we not only pulled over on the shoulder, we pulled halfway into the bar ditch, just in case! Others pulled totally in the ditch so they would be out of the way.