Missing Phone Numbers

Yes, I probably should’ve waited until after I had a nap before writing that last post … a German damn??? … but it is corrected now. Hope you missed that mistake!

Ed came home on Friday instead of staying the full 2 days. How he talked Dr. Naseem out of that, I’m not sure but I got a call from Dr. John’s office asking if I would come pick him up and to bring clothes. Yes, you read that correctly. Ed had his cell phone but it was dead. We forgot to take his charger. He called the house from the hospital room but I had already left to run errands. He couldn’t remember my cell phone, Kim’s phone, Lee’s phone, anybody’s phone except … wait for it … our family doctor’s office phone! So he called and asked them to call me. The conversation went something like this:

Lynn: “Kay, this is your friendly phone service, relaying a message from your husband.”

She ended the call with: “This is your friendly answering service, signing off. Have a good day.” You could hear the smile in her voice.

Thankfully, I was almost at the hospital and did have his clothes in the trunk so it all worked well. I think, from now on, I’m going to give him a handwritten note of common phone numbers, only to be used when he is away from home for the night! Of course, I can’t remember anyone’s phone number either because I depend upon my cell phone for everything. As long as it’s working, who needs handwritten notes??? Maybe I should make myself a handwritten note, huh?


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