Lessons Learned this winter …

… while trying to clean up an overgrown driveway:

  • Always rake leaves WITH the wind, not against it.
  • Never stand under a branch that you are trimming.
  • I don’t care how short your hair is, cover it up. Those little, almost invisible limbs just love to reach out and entangle your hair in their clutches.
  • Never wear sandals, no matter how warm it is.
  • Wear gloves, even if you think you won’t need them.
  • If you’re working around briars, wear a long-sleeved, heavy shirt and heavy-duty gloves, not to mention boots and heavy jeans. In fact, try to find a knight’s armor for protection.
  • Take a lot of bottled water in a cooler. You will be taking a sip anytime you get close to it.
  • Never let the dogs try to help. They can’t!
  • Always say thank you for any help anyone wants to give, no matter how small. It may be only moving a branch for you but, considering how many branches you may need to drag across the yard, it is indeed a big help.
  • Prepare tweezers, a needle and alcohol before you start. Even if you wear gloves, you’d be surprised what can get through your defenses.
  • Start small. You will be hurting later if you try to do more than you are used to and don’t try to do anything with your arms afterwards. You might be surprised how much they can shake just lifting a cold drink.
  • And the best tip of all? Don’t let 25 years’ of growth take over your driveway!

2 responses to “Lessons Learned this winter …

  1. Two more things to add to your list.
    Don’t spit into the wind and Don’t tug on Superman”s