Being Home

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity … at least for us. When I was working and traveling full-time, this would’ve been an off week but nowadays, if I have 5 appointments per week, I feel swamped! How time changes things, huh?

We drove to Amarillo, as you know, and survived a dust storm. We drove the next weekend to Montgomery and picked out a little puppy for Ed. She’s too young to come home with us but she’s Ed’s as of the first weekend in March. She is an adorable little brindle & white Basenji puppy and her nickname is Nibbles. Can you guess why? The man who owns her parents has a beard. She snuggles up into the underside of his beard and nibbles on it. We walked in and Ed held her and said “She’s mine.” She’s curious; she’s adventurous; she’s cute as a button. She took to Ed as soon as he did to her. She will have an AKC formal name but we will call her Zandi. I’m sure Nibbles will slip out as well occasionally.

We are so looking forward to seeing how Sam and SoLow relate to her. I can see a battle of wills on the horizon. Sam can finally sit back and relax, I think, while SoLow and Zandi play. SoLow, of course, will be jealous of all the attention that Ed will be paying to her but I think SoLow will curl up in my lap and pout while Ed and Zandi bond. It’ll be fun to watch, to say the least.

I think I have been a little depressed the past few weeks because Drake won’t be coming home this spring. It will be late July/early August timeframe. I didn’t realize how much I have totally missed him and how much I was hoping for a spring reunion. Oh well, August 1st is not that far away and he will be home for my birthday, which will be a treat, but that doesn’t help me stop missing him now.

The basic deck is now completed but the railing is not in just yet. We will decide on the railing we want next week and I’m really looking forward to having this done so we can sit outside while the weather is not too hot or too cold. Yes, 70’s in February is warmer than we are used to and I want to enjoy it while I can!

I do not miss the work and travel that I have done for so long. I’m thoroughly enjoying being home.

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