Peace and Quiet

Yesterday, Ed and I ran some errands. No big deal, right? Right! We run errands all the time, usually together. But in the middle of the trip to Denton, I got a text from my cousin/next-door neighbor Jackie. “R y’all ok, heard sirens.” Hmmm. She said it sounded like they stopped at our common driveway. Later, she noted a Careflight landing at the Argyle School grounds so something obviously happened. Well, it wasn’t us, it wasn’t Jackie and Bill, and whoever needed help got it with the Careflight, so all is right with the world.

When we got back home, we sat out on the deck for a while and talked to Ken and then had some phone calls to make, so it was a while before we noticed anything wrong. I needed to call someone and thought I would jump online to get the correct phone number and that’s when we noticed … no internet. Crap! Hmmm, let’s check the TV. Nope, no TV. We have Verizon FIOS so I thought I’d better check the phone too. Nope, no dial tone. Since I’d been using my cell phone so much, (yeah, you guessed it) my battery was very low. Charging time! We felt so isolated!!! Arggghhh!!! How can the darkness descend so rapidly on such a good day?

Thank goodness we still had electricity but I have become a news junkie. I need my fix of the top news of the day. I need my Facebook friends. I need my … CONTACT with the outside world!!! (Big sigh) I know, I have problems. But then it dawned on me. It’s quiet around here. Yes, we can hear the traffic, muted, through the trees and the trains down the road. We can hear Bob head-butting his shelter. When I’m standing out on the deck, I can even hear the jingle, jingle of the metal on the flagpole down at the entrance to our driveway. For a while, I thought it was a stray dog wandering around but it never moved so I finally determined it was the flagpole. Sam kept hearing a limb rubbing against the gutter and making a squeaking noise. It unnerved her a little since the sound was bouncing around and she thought something was in the atrium, but she never barked at it, which would’ve set off SoLow and a cacophony would’ve ensued.

We could’ve watched something on DVD, listened to a CD or a radio, but we didn’t. We read. I crocheted. I wrote. I went out and brushed Bob the goat, who was using his horns to scratch his winter coat. We dozed a little. We went to bed early. We should do this more often. It was just peaceful.

Did I miss the internet? Sure. Did I miss TV and the news? Duh! Do I wish Verizon would do this more often and force this peace and quiet? Of course! Well, not TOO often but occasionally, this is sweet!


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