Stock Show Singing

Stock Show Bound! Yes, that’s right, Ed and I are heading to the Stock Show today to see Misty ride in the rodeo Entrance Parade. This is the last weekend of the show and I’m sure it will be crowded but I’m looking forward to seeing the exhibits.

Misty told me there was a booth with a wine product that Ed might enjoy. Shoot, I might enjoy it too! I’ll write more about that after I see it. And I always enjoy looking at the western clothes. Some of them are SO outrageous and I can’t see me wearing any of it but it sure is fun to look.

One thing I need to watch out for is wandering around the livestock with Ed. There are always breeders who are interested in selling future livestock. I don’t mind coming home with their literature but I’m going to keep a close eye on Ed and make sure that he doesn’t buy an extra goat, llama, emu, some banty hens, or donkey while we are there! Most of those wouldn’t fit in my trunk and I think we would need to enlist Misty’s help to get them home.

On the other hand, Ed needs to watch me around the western purses. I love purses and bags of all kinds. You can use them for so much, you know? I have so many bags around this house that I think I could open my own store! Ed, keep my hands tied behind my back until we get into the arena to see Misty!

Wait a minute, Ed. You can’t do that. I’d like to see what kind of food they have down there and get something totally fattening and good. I don’t want a hot dog and a coke, though. I’m not sure what they have but I think I’ll look for a Chicken Fried Steak on a stick and a brew. Now that would be fun!

Another thing I’m looking forward to is wearing my western gear. I have my great-aunt’s white leather western jacket with leather fringe dripping from the arms and shoulders. I have my great-aunt’s 5X beaver western hat. I have my turquoise eel-skin western boots. Add jeans, a western shirt, and turquoise jewelry and I’m looking the part! Woo-hoo! Outta the way! Kaycee’s here to sing Patsy Cline!!!


One response to “Stock Show Singing

  1. Please download a picture of you in your western attire; I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the western look. And me, an easterner from birth!