Stock Show

If you haven’t been to the Fort Worth Stock Show, it’s worth a visit. Our last-minute seats were just 1 row below the roof of the arena but we could see everything, even with a blocked view on the left. Bronc-busting, bull-riding, wagon racing, barrel racing, we saw it all. I wasn’t too interested in the comedy routine but it was really for the kids, I think.

We actually got to see Misty riding toward the arena and got a few close-up pictures, which was fortuitous, to say the least, since we couldn’t get too close during the Grand Entry Parade.

So much for food though. We made do with two huge hot dogs but I did look for a Chicken Fried Steak on a stick. I didn’t see one but, if you can believe it, I did find a Steak on a Stake outside the arena. No, we didn’t try it because we were heading back to the car and absolutely beat by that time. Also, it didn’t help that it was right outside Cattle Barn 3! That doesn’t bother me since I was raised on a farm but I wonder what those city slickers were thinking???

I did wear my western getup. I decided that I need to restore my great-aunt Jewel’s buckskin jacket and looked around for a cream to soften up the buckskin. I didn’t really find anything I liked so I’ll look online. I did talk to one vendor and I’ll call her tomorrow to get the name of something I might be able to use. Her company didn’t sell it but I really appreciated her help. Aunt Jewel stored the jacket in a plastic bag and it really did a number on the leather shoulders. They are cracked and can’t be repaired, I’m sure, but I can at least make sure it doesn’t get any worse.

Her beaver western hat fits me to a T and I really need to wear that thing more often. It’s gorgeous. She used to wear the jacket and hat when she rode in parades so both of them were very showy. The jacket is dripping in leather fringe and the hat had a double row of rhinestones for a hat band. I changed those rhinestones out long ago for a pretty brown & white feather band. You don’t realize when you find a hat that fits perfectly, how secure it is in the wind. And a western hat really does cut down on the sun shining in your eyes. I’m really not a hat person but I could get used to wearing that hat. (Did you hear that, Jenn and Donnie???)

This is Misty holding her friend’s horse, also named Misty, while she ran a quick errand. Misty-horse was a handful for Misty-girl to hold while riding her own horse, Keno, but once Misty-girl dismounted and held her head, she was ok though. That was a good time for Ed to take a picture.

Please meet Keno, Drake’s horse when he gets home. He was prancing a little with everyone walking around him and we only got to see him a short time but I’m looking forward to getting to know him much better come August.


2 responses to “Stock Show

  1. I have never gone to the Stock Show – thank you for sharing. What great pictures of you and Misty – I love you western look. Did you buy Keno there or already have him? Drake will love him.

  2. OK, Kay, you beat me to it. Love it!