Insurance Week

This week has been filled with activities concerning insurance. If you haven’t had your insurance evaluated in the past few years, do it now!

Ed had insurance when we married and he has kept the same insurance company for all these years. Yes, the insurance carrier may have changed over the years but the agent changed from the father to the daughter years ago. We’d never really had the policies evaluated thoroughly yet our circumstances may have changed.

My mom had Texas Farm Bureau forever and I thought it would be good if we had all our insurance with the same agent. So when I was talking about insurance on the Meadows Building, I had her check what she could offer on our house and cars. I was amazed at what she came up with.

Our previous insurance was with national insurance carriers but the Texas Farm Bureau is a Texas company. Yes, the Farm Bureau may be in various states, but it is a state-based insurance carrier and this apparently makes a difference. We are not saddled with data from the east coast, west coast, or northern states. It seems that this really makes a difference in rates! Both our home and car insurance rates dropped dramatically!

There are also various things you can do to drop your rates, which we didn’t know about. For example, I am now taking a Defensive Driving course, which could drop our rate 10%. Yeah, I knew it would help and 10% may not seem like much, but every little bit helps. It’s only $25 to take the class and you can do it online, at your leisure, which is great since it is a 6 hour course and I don’t like to concentrate 6 hours straight anymore. That gives me a headache!!!

On the house, it is more complicated but the savings are greater. If you have an alarm system, as we do, you can call the home inspection department through the Sheriff’s Department and they will evaluate your home for safety and send in the paperwork to the state if you pass. The state will mail your certificate directly to you, which you can then pass along to your insurance agent for about a 20% savings. Ok, now you’re starting to see some significant money. Also, if you have a class 4 roof and you get the paperwork signed by the roofer who installed it, that’s up to another 20%. WOW!

The Farm Bureau also reevaluated what kind of insurance we are carrying now so we have insurance better suited to what we need. Better insurance, much lower rates on both home and cars; I’m SO impressed! Again, if you haven’t had your insurance evaluated recently, DO IT NOW! It’s free and a great service, even if you don’t end up going with that insurance agent.


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