Keno and Donkeys?

Yes, donkeys! We are adopting 2 miniature donkeys from Misty and her mom Sandy. We drove down and saw them last Friday and I just couldn’t walk away from them. They are so cute! I’ll post pictures after we actually get them because I want to take pictures of their first encounter with Bob and Willow, our goats. They are all about the same size so I think they should have lots of fun together.

We took Lee Scott with us to see the mini-donkeys and to meet Misty. I’m not too sure which one he was more excited about. After meeting the donkeys, Misty got Keno, Drake’s horse that she’s taking care of until he gets home, and started saddling him. I couldn’t believe she intended to give Lee Scott a ride. He couldn’t believe it either!

She led Keno out of the barn and got a “stool” for Lee to stand on. I believe Lee is 6’4″ so Misty had to adjust the stirrups. Lee Scott just kept grinning the entire time. Misty told me later that he kept repeating “I’m horsing around” the entire time she was leading him around the side yard. Bless Misty’s heart, she just made Lee Scott’s year!

But Misty wasn’t done with Keno. Next, she urged Ed to take a ride. He was a little more comfortable riding than Lee Scott since he already knew the basics but it had been years since either he or I had ridden a horse.

Yes, I was third on the list of riders and she made no bones about wanting me to complete the trio. Getting on this tall horse was one thing … with Misty’s help, of course … but getting down was difficult for me. Throwing a leg over a horse on the way up and riding was okay but I had difficulty throwing my leg over the horse from a seated position! I thought for sure that I would have sore muscles the next day but thankfully I didn’t.

Since I had been holding Keno’s head for the guys while Misty helped them mount and dismount, Misty’s friend Harmony held Keno while I got on and off. And yes, Misty had to shorten the stirrups for me.

Afterwards, Misty changed the saddle to a children’s saddle so that Harmony’s daughter Celia could ride. Eight years old and, with Misty’s help, she hopped up in that saddle like she was born in it. Notice the difference in the size of the saddles.

Lee Scott, Ed and I talked about the visit with Misty the entire ride home, I think. We were all exhilarated about the adventure. I can’t believe Misty actually did that for us but thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciate the time and effort it took. She says next time that she will have her other horse Dillon available for Lee Scott to ride. We haven’t told him that yet but he will be SO excited to go back! Next time, though, I know to dress more appropriately and wear my boots.

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